DIY Painted Cookies!

DIY Painted Cookies!

Have you ever wanted to make your own beautiful painted cookies?  Maybe you've even tried and been unsuccessful.  I have a few tips for you today to help fulfill that dream - or simply have fun!  My husband and I really enjoyed this date-night activity and we also love doing it with kiddos!

First - if you need a good recipe for the coolies and royal frosting head over to   - it is a fabulous recipe and she explains it in an easy to understand way.

Second - get ready to paint!  You will need food coloring, paint brushes set aside just for using with food, water, toothpicks, paper towel, and some kind of extract - vanilla, almond, orange, peppermint, non-flavored, etc, and a plate or wax paper or mixing palette.  Rubber gloves are also helpful when opening the food coloring jars/bottles - your hands get stained if you do not have them, unless you are amazing at removing sealed tops!

I tried both the liquid food coloring and the gel food coloring and prefer the gel kind - but don't let that stop you if all you have is liquid food coloring.  If you are going to buy some, this is my favorite kind -

Third - Now you are ready for set up.  Get all of your painting supplies out.  If you are using wax paper for a palette you might want to tape it down so the sides don't roll up.  Also just a note about using a ceramic plate for a palette - it might stain from the food coloring.  Once you have your palette out, simply put a drop of the food coloring and a drop of the extract together and mix.  You can make your color lighter by mixing more extract or a little water with it.  You can prepare a few colors like this and feel free to mix colors as well and come up with a huge variety if you like!  

Hint - as you prep colors - thinking about the color wheel will help with your mixing.  Here is a link to help you with the color wheel - HGTV. If you want to tone a color down so that it is not so bright mix in its' compliment on the color wheel.  For example:  If I have a red and want it to not be quite as bright, I would mix a tiny dot of green in with it.  If you were to add half and half, red/green you would end up with a brown/grey color.  That is the same with all of the complimentary colors.  A little color goes a long ways with food coloring - especially the gel kind - so you do not need much.

Fourth - Start painting!  The first time I tried this I was super frustrated because of my brushes - make sure you have nice brushes that will go to a point for details.  Unless you want to have a rough splash of color like these hearts below - rough brushes work great for this effect!


Have fun coming up with designs and patterns!  Start painting with your lighter colors first and then letting that dry before painting on top of it - that is the way to get more detail and add depth to your design.  Here are a few more examples to get your creative juices flowing!  Enjoy!